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Elixir is a modern cloud based practice management system for private specialist healthcare providers.

  • Appointment Management
  • Lab Results
  • Patient Records
  • Prescriptions
  • Healthlink Integration
  • Xero Integration
  • Medical Images
  • and more...
Elixir displayed on iPad

Elixir helps to organise and consolidate the complexity of modern practice management.

The platform provides a full suite of tools for clinicians and administrative staff - allowing for flexibility, consistency and clarity across your entire organisation.

Patient Communications

  • Create your own highly customisable multi-variable templates to automate your letters and correspondence.
  • Email correspondence with patients is automatically logged to the patient files.

Lab Results

  • Direct eOrder integration paired with Healthlink EDI integration.
  • Incoming results feed directly into your inbox & patient notes.

Appointment Management

  • Keep everyone in sync - even across multiple locations.
  • Send automated email and text reminders.
Fully Featured

Elixir helps to organise and consolidate the complexity of modern practice management

Secure & Reliable

No need for on-site servers and backups. Our system is securely encrypted and cloud-based.

Any Device, Anywhere

Access your patient records wherever you are - on your tablet, desktop or phone.

Made in New Zealand

Proudly made in NZ for Kiwi Specialists. Our local support is available if you need help or advice.

Active Development

Our development team is flexible and responsive - we’re adding new features all the time.


We’ve got all the connections you need to keep moving.

Xero Integration

Automatic integration with Xero to save time and avoid mistakes when managing invoices.

Learn More About Our Xero Integration →

ACC Integration

Directly create and submit ACC18 medical certificates; and generate ARTP forms and ACC Billing Schedules quickly and easily.

NHI Lookup

Direct integration with the Health NZ NHI database. Lookup patient NHI details when creating or editing a patient record.

NZePS Electronic Prescriptions

Send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy with our Ministry of Health approved barcodes. No need for signatures.

eOrder Integration

Order tests online and view previous results with a single click from Elixir.

Healthlink Integration

Our built-in connection to Healthlink allows for HL7 messaging (lab results, radiology, and referrals) to be sent directly to your EDI.

Specialist Referrals Integration

Receive SR referrals directly into your Elixir inbox. No need to open external programs or download PDF documents.

Medical-Objects Integration

Medical-Objects real-time point to point secure messaging is directly built into our platform, to keep you connected to other health professionals such as Heartlab.

Patient Consent Forms

Create your own forms which patients can fill out on an iPad in the waiting room or at home. Results being saved directly into your patient notes.

DYMO Label Printers

Built-in support for your office's DYMO label printers. Print patient labels directly from Elixir.

Reduce time on paperwork to focus on better data and better outcomes for patients.

We’re proud to work with many of New Zealand's most prestigous medical providers.

If you're interested in learning more about our software or would like to receive a platform demonstration please get in touch.

"Elixir is a fantastic practice tool. It has totally changed the way my practice functions. We are now more efficient and streamlined with invoicing, patient notes and letters, results all integrated into one easy to use system. The software is very intuitive and easy to use.

Elixir ... has totally changed the way my practice functions. We are now more efficient and streamlined with invoicing, patient notes and letters, results all integrated into one easy to use system..

One of the best aspects for me personally is the way I can now deal with patient phone calls and emails when I am not at the practice. I can simply log onto my account and see all the patient’s details, notes, letters and allergies. I can make notes, send scripts and email directly from the patients file all while out and about.

The Elixir support team is very easy to work with and even easier to understand. I would not hesitate to recommend Elixir to any private medical specialist.

Karyn Becconsall, Oral Surgeon, Dunedin www.karynbecconsall.co.nz

"Patient Management Systems are a huge part of a practice - but changing them, at a minimum, causes a huge disruption to that practice, from learning the program, exporting and importing data, ensuring that the system matches the workflow of the practice / creating new systems and processes etc, so it is not something that most practices are prepared to do, unless it's worth it.

Elixir has been that and more. From the first time I saw the user interface and flow of data entry while visiting another office, I knew it was something to look further into. After speaking with the owner and having him answer my many questions to make sure it could work for us, I knew this was an undertaking that would be worth it.

Elixir is innovative, intuitive, clean, easy to learn and use and gets the job done. It is decades ahead of all of its competitors and we couldn't be happier with it. The only thing better than the program is the customer service and support that you receive. During our data export, Jack made himself available at all hours and worked with us to make sure everything was working and transferred properly. He seamlessly became a part of our team and was patient while we learned the system, while also working with us to make tweaks and additions to the program that were necessary for our practice.

Elixir is the patient management system that the medical industry has needed and we couldn't be happier with it.
Kristen Enright, Managing Partner & COO, Hawkes Bay Spine

NZ Emerging App Partner of the Year Finalist at Xero Awards 2021

Winner of Startup Dunedin Challenger Series 2018

Winner of Chorus Gigatown Fund 2017

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